Thursday, March 10, 2011

Snail Mail from the MTC - March 8, 2011

Dear Mom and Dad,

The MTC keeps us so busy there is barely enough time to write.  I was called or assigned I should say to be Zone Leader on Sunday already.  I barely know anything, but I have had to read a lot and study extra hard so that when our nine new missionaries come in on Wednesday they will be able to ask me anything about the MTC and I'll know it.  I am in charge of about 32 missionaries.  I have been praying for our new missionariess for when they come in to the MTC.  I just want them to feel loved and welcomed and most of all that they can have the Spirit with them while here. 

Today was a great day for learning and role-playing, but it was also a sad day.  Two of our missionaries went home mainly because of anxiety problems and homesickness.  The missionaries really look up to me here and I just want to lead with love and kindness because thats what they need here as they've all left their families very recently.  I feel like I've already in four days had to grow up and be the adult and leader that they can look up to. 

I pray for you and hope your doing well.  My testimony has already grown so much and I already regret not sharing the gospel with more friends while I was at home.  We have a group of missionaries leaving us tomorrow to Tempe Arizona and Elder Neff who is such an awesome country guy came in and told us how special we are to him and that he knows we are inspired men even though he's only known us for 5 days and that we have a huge place in his heart.  He and others have come and talked to me today and have told me that I'm going to be an awesome Zone Leader and I pray that I can meet their expectations with love and kindness.

I know this is the true church and that there are people who have been prepared for each and every missionary to teach and help them come unto Christ and we need every missionary here.  I know that many of them are homesick, but I will do my best to make sure that every missionary stays and remains honorable to their call while I'm here at the MTC.  Thought I'd write you a fast note.  Please write back.

Love you,

Elder Clark

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