Monday, March 7, 2011

News from the MTC

Hey Family,

I got your letter mom from Dear Elder. It has been really busy here we are in class the majority of the time and there is not much free time. My companion's name is Elder Butler and he is from Sacramento and is going to Kennewick Washington.
There are three of us going to Jamaica me, Elder Kegan Taylor (who I was fb friends with before), and Elder Hobbs who is from Calgary Canada and those two are companions. Elder Taylor got called to be our district leader there is a companionship of 3 who are in our district who are all going to Washington as well.
On the first day I saw Travis, Anna Baird, and Elder Watts (who gave his singles ward talk the same day as me). I’ve only seen Travis one other time, we have very different schedules and it is super busy and there are so many missionaries here. My teachers are Brother Gonzalez and Brother Murray. Brother Murray served in San Diego and he was actually one of the missionaries in those newer videos that I had to watch before coming to the MTC. One of the elders in our zone going to Arizona told me that his brother in law went to Jamaica and told me a couple of crazy stories.
Friday's are our P-days but today is our P-day for our first week. The food is okay I guess not my favorite I’ve been eating pretty healthy cuz I can see why Elders would gain a ton of weight, but there is healthier food too so you don’t have to pig out if you don’t want to.
My companion is really tall and played basketball for UVU for a year. I’ve been to the gym a couple of times I mainly spend my time running and lifting weights cuz volleyball is crowded and the soccer fields are closed still for the winter
We met with our Branch Presidency and bore our testimonies and interviewed with them. The Branch President was really cool and liked me a lot and talked to me a lot about school, scouting, and church stuff in my interview with him.
It’s really spiritual here and I’ve learned a lot already. I’ve memorized our purpose, the first vision, and D & C: 4 already. I have to write a 5 minute talk on the atonement by tomorrow, we all have to write a talk each week on a different topic. You can tell Dana I’ve been using that True to the Faith book a lot for gospel references especially as I’m preparing to write this talk. 
Teachers that went to Jamaica said we will learn pa-twa while we are there and its cool cuz we'll get to learn a language and not have to be here for 9 weeks.
I hope the kids had a good time in Utah now that they have to go back to school.
You can write to me using Dear Elder they send me the letter on the same day you write it. O and send me the addresses of the other missionaries in our ward so I can write to them and Seth. Also get me Dan's address and the Nittas and Kevin Jamesons cuz I don’t have anyone’s addresses. I have to get off now but you’re in my prayers and I'm doing well so no worries.

Love, Elder Clark 

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