Wednesday, May 25, 2011

1st Baptism - Hopeton, Jamaica :)

Hey mom,

I had my first baptism this Saturday. we baptized a lady named Arlene Lawrence. Her story is pretty interesting. A piece of paper was by her gate one morning and she passed it by and then it was actually in her gate two mornings later and it was a page torn from 3rd Nephi. She read it, kept it and hung it up on the wall. She was later introduced to the missionaries right before us, near the end of the transfer before I arrived in Jamaica. But I have been teaching her the whole time since I arrived. She has had a rough past and she overcame drug addiction and moved out with the man she was living with in order to become a member of the church. She has changed so much and is truly converted to the gospel, she really is awesome and kind. I'll send pics if it'll let me.

Hopeton is a pretty tough area though. Elder Larsen says its the toughest area he's served in.  We spent 3 hours finding one day and had 3 lessons and only one new investigator and then another day last week we did finding for another 3 hours and taught zero lessons and got zero new investigators its pretty depressing. We are working so hard but there is barely anyone around and according to Elder Larsen this area is a bad first taste of Jamaica because the people can be mean. All we have here is rich people on one end that don't want to listen to us and potheads on the other so we have the two extremes and no one in the middle but we are continuing to work hard.

I have a trade off on Thursday and I am going to Santa Cruz for a day with Elder Kraus so that should be fun and Im looking forward to that.

Hope all is well and your all in my prayers.

love, Elder Jake Clark

Elder Clark, Tavia (Arlene's Daughter), Arlene, President Richardson (Branch Pres), Elder Larsen

The Book of Mormon the most powerful source in conversion

Bethal Street - a Street we Proselyte on

Monday, May 2, 2011

Rasta Mon!

Hey Family,

Things are going well. Ya they celebrate Easter Monday. Everyone eats Easter bun and cheese over Easter weekend and everyone either buys or makes kites and flies them on the weekend. So we saw a lot of kites in the sky this weekend.

It was a bit slow because everyone is on holiday so a lot of our investigators were out of town. One of our investigators Andrea is close to getting baptized I think. we're gonna extend a date to her our next visit.

We are teaching a Rasta man right now who believes in Jesus. Last time we saw him his friend handed him some ganja (weed) and he rolled it up right in front of us while we were teaching him. He asked what we thought about ganja and we said its not good for you but if you pray to know if what we taught you is true then you'll know if what we believe about ganja is also true.

Someone wiped dog poop all over the walls and locks to the gates of the church on Sunday so Elder Larsen and I cleaned it up cuz we're the first people to get to the church in the morning. We have a building in Hatfield that we go to and there is another one in Mandeville that the sisters go to.

Ya I heard about Prince Williams wedding here they talked about it on the radio in the taxis we take to town as well.
That is so awesome about Astrid as well I'm proud of her. Tell her I said hi from Jamaica as well as Tom and Roxana and Tommy. I wonder if Andy's grandma would accept the gospel or not.
Love Elder Clark 

PS: Jake also shared with us about an investigator but it has to wait until after mothers day to be posted :)

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