Monday, March 21, 2011

Final words from the MTC!

Hey mom,

Its my p-day again.  I got a package from Emy Osborne with a letter and 2 new ties as well as a package from Lavonne Norris with some goodies and pens and stuff. I wrote back to Emy already. We went to the temple today it was great. 

The days have been going by a lot faster now since our first Sunday. We had nine new missionaries come in 6 going to Texas and 3 going to the Marshall Islands. I met with them on Wednesday and yesterday we have different things to go over each night as well as taking them on the tour of the MTC last night. Things are going well its just extremely busy here and we really don't have a lot of free time. I have to write a talk on Enduring to the End for this Sunday last Sunday it was on the Atonement and next week its on Faith. My companion and I teach really well together. 

I need peoples addresses because I don't have anyones so if you could please get Dan's, Kyle's, and Kevin's for me as well as our missionaries out in the field that be great thanks. We lost 2 of our missionaries last week and this week one of the missionaries in my district was struggling but hes doing better now. I haven't seen Travis this week theres so many people here its crazy. I only get to go on my email on Fridays for a half an hour at the most, theres a scary red timer at the top counting me down. Tell dad I got his letter as well.
We're in the laundry room right now its crowded and I have to switch my laundry over in a few minutes.

We've mainly been practicing the first and second lesson a lot. We had a TA (a real or fake investigator they don't tell you) you go into a room and teach someone and there are cameras in the room and your teacher watches you. We had an angry old man named Gene Cross and he asked us a ton of questions and it was hard to stay on topic he was probably our hardest investigator we have right now and its hard not to get frustrated with him because hes very grumpy and moves from one question to another so we are trying to find a way to effectively teach him without getting hammered every minute.

I'm really happy I got called to Zone Leader cuz it gives me extra work to do and I like having a bit more to do and keeping myself busy with busywork. I also got assigned as our group's travel leader so Ive been reading through all of our travel stuff. The three of us going to Jamaica leave at 3am on Tuesday the 22. We go to Texas I don't remember the airport but I don't think it was Dallas, and then we go to Miami Florida and have a 4 hour layover there and then we fly to Jamaica.

Tell everyone hi and that I'm doing well and having a good time.  Tell everyone to have a nice day and I'll write to you this week or next Friday.


Elder Clark

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