Monday, June 6, 2011

Last Week and This Week!

Hey mom,

Ya Arlene was baptized in our building we have a font. most buildings in Jamaica do if they aren't renting like old doctor's offices etc. Tavia, Arlene's daughter, and a teenage girl named Tatiana both have baptismal dates for June 18th so that's exciting and we were blessed with a lot of referrals last week so we are going to be very busy this week contacting and teaching. It always feels good when the work picks up. It's really hard when you feel like you have no investigators and you have to spend most of your time finding.
Lets see a story... well last week we watched President Richardson get his bee suit on and go to a tree and gas out a ton of bees and then put them in the bee box we carried down. He might take us one time to go do some "bee work" whatever bee keepers do. They have a lot of bee boxes and they get the honey from them. It was a really cool experience to watch actually how you get all the bees. You mainly are looking for the queen bee it doesn't matter how much males you get. Some people clip the queen's wings so she cant get away. Because once you have a queen in your box the rest will come. Its so amazing actually how they have hundreds of bees to a box and like 12 boxes right next to each other and they just know which one is their home and they travel up to 2 and a half miles away to go get nectar and they know how to get back its pretty cool. We've had some fresh honey here with no sugar added straight from the bees and it tastes so good.
Wow I cant believe Dan had his baby already it seemed like just yesterday we were at their wedding crazy right. And gees Sam too thats crazy. I actually kind of figured she was gonna get married to that guy pretty soon after I left so its shocking yet not shocking at the same time. But good for her. Ya I heard about Rene getting baptized thats awesome. Well I sent off my letters with the British lady to Shawn and Dennis so I hope they get them sometime.
Hey Family,
Things in Hopeton are going well. Another lady named Andrea who lives in the same yard with Tatiana was jealous that she was getting baptized and she called us and was upset that we werent continuing to visit with her and that she wanted to get baptized too. We used to teach Andrea but we had a drop lesson with her because she wasn't keeping her commitments and wasn't progressing so now we are going to continue to visit with her and hopefully she'll get baptized soon as well. Whats a bummer is that we don't know where I'm going but we do know that I am leaving next week so I wont get to be there for the baptisms. We get transfer calls on Saturday.  And we know that Elder Larsen is going to be training in Hopeton. Our best guess based on everything else that is happening though is that I will be moved to Old Harbour with Elder Toutai (a Tongan) so we will see if we were right this weekend. Elder Larsen has one more transfer left he will arrive home on July 28th. It's been great serving with him and he has been an awesome trainer for me. We are good friends and I'm sure we'll keep in contact after the mission. Besides he has family in southern California so I'm sure I'll probably see him sometime cuz they come down a lot. He'll actually be in CA a week after he gets back for two weeks. My trade off with Elder Kraus went really well. He's an awesome missionary and I learned a lot from him we teach really well together and he's a good friend of mine out here as well. 

Today we went to Treasure Beach for a Half Zone Pday. So it was me, Elder Larsen, the ZL's (Elder Kraus and Dale), and all 5 sisters (Payne, Speakman, Wilkinson, Smith, and Everette). Treasure Beach was awesome and very beautiful. We played a game of soccer in the mud and had a bit of a mud fight as well. Elder Dale and Kraus picked me up and threw me in a huge pond for initiation it was pretty funny. We had a blast. We also went to a really nice pizza restaurant that a lot of tourist there go to and had pizza and ice cream. The water was beautiful its a bummer for all of us to look at it and know we cant go in. Ill send pics next week we just got back to Mandeville and are still wet and muddy as we speak on the computers. I left the cable at the house. I got my first email from Seth so I am going  to write him after you I haven't read it yet. 

Love Jake,

Elders Clark & Larsen

Hopeton Branch President Richardson and his family

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  1. Jacob,
    I think you're having too much fun! bee's n mud,n pizza! A boy's delight! Conrats on your baptism. How great to share the gospel, and see the fruits of your labor. We are proud of you.