Monday, April 4, 2011

Jamaica - Week 2

Hey Family!

I read your email it was pretty long but thanks for keeping me updated. I bought a card reader so I'm going to try and send pics over. Send me gel and goodies if you send me a package haha :).

Conference was really good we went down to the Mandeville building to watch Conference because they have a satellite. Mandeville doesn't take that long to get to we just taxi on P-Days because  we have stuff to carry when we go shopping. I had my first patty on Saturday which was good they put it on coco bread. I've mainly had chicken (brown gravy, and curry) from members along with rice and peas and veggies.

I'm getting my haircut after this. Glad to hear about everyone and I read dad's email as well so glad to hear everything is pretty OK. My companion is cool we get along pretty well.  

Work is hard here because its pitch black at night and we go in because everyone is inside and we have to stay out of a lot of dangerous areas at nighttime. We are teaching Daphne who's 6 year old grandson was shot and killed about a month and a half ago. We hear gunshots every so often nowhere is particularly safe here but I know we are being watched over. We are also focusing on Nikki who is a young single mother and Tiffany who is a smart 13 year old girl who I hope will decide she needs to get baptized.

I'm going to try to get most of the pics over to you so I wont be writing a ton this week. But keep me posted and I'll for sure write more next week.

Things have been good though the Branch President and his family are very nice we live in an apartment behind their house.

Tell everyone hi from me.

Elder Clark

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  1. Elder Clark! It sounds like you are getting the feel for mission life and that your trainer is especially helpful. We are all doing well up here. Tomorrow-Friday- is Mormal so by Saturday the young women should be back to normal-hehe:) We loved conference , too. I am always amazed by the way the talks fit so well with the seminary lessons. We are so incredibly blessed. We pray for you and so do many of the youth in seminary. Keep strong! Sister Price.